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3 Tips to Protect Your Teeth

Tips on teeth you may not know! Think Calcium! You've heard it before: calcium does a body good. You probably didn't know that much of that good goes straight to the mouth. It's essential for tooth and bone development. A calcium-deficient diet means less jawbone mass—which can lead to painful fractures and permanent tooth loss. Dairy products, tofu, and green, leafy vegetables are great sources of calcium. Tastes great! Fewer fillings! Guess what? Kids who chew gum have fewer cavities. It's true! Studies show that schoolchildren who chew sugarless gum have fewer problems with tooth decay. How so? Chewing gum increases saliva flow. Which, in turn, lowers acidity in the mouth. And the simple act of chewing helps clean up [...]

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Soft Drinks and Your Teeth

Soft Drinks Pack a Hard Punch! Soft drinks are bad for your teeth in more ways than one. There's sugar, and then there's acidity. The sugar provides the necessary food for the harmful bacteria in your mouth—the average American drinks two cans of soft drinks per day. If you're drinking that much soda, you're providing more than enough sugar to give aid and sustenance to the enemy. Remember, bacteria eat what you eat, and sugar sends them into overdrive. But sugar isn't the worst culprit. The "fizz" is. You probably know that soda and sparkling water contains bubbles (called carbonation). How does it work? First, carbon dioxide dissolves in water under pressure. Then upon breaking the seal, the process reverses, [...]

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