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Fluoride: You Never Outgrow Your Need

You grew up with fluoride. Your teeth show it in the very fact that you still have them. Before 1945, by the time your nest was empty, your mouth was often empty as well. But when cities began adding it to water supplies, tooth decay took a nosedive. Most of us never gave it a second thought, just turned on the tap and downed the cure. Fluoride reverses the demineralization of your teeth. It strengthens them, prevents plaque and caries, wards off gum disease, and protects roots. So it's not just for kids. If your drinking water doesn't provide sufficient fluoride, ask about supplements. Take a bite out of decay. While fluoride occurs naturally in many substances we eat and [...]

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Fluoride & Your Health

What is fluoride, and why is it good for my teeth? Fluoride is a compound of the element fluorine, which is found universally throughout nature in water, soil, air, and in most foods. The mineral is easily absorbed into tooth enamel, especially in the developing teeth of children. Once teeth form, it makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and promotes remineralization, which aids in repairing early decay before the damage is even visible. "Systemic" fluoride is that which is in food or drink. It's typically added to public and private water supplies, soft drinks and teas, and is also available in dietary supplement form. Once absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, it spreads throughout the entire body. However, [...]

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Tooth Decay: A Preventable Disease

What is tooth decay, and what causes it? Tooth decay is the disease known as caries or cavities. It is not life-threatening and is although it is highly preventable, it will affect most people to some degree during their lifetime. The leading cause of tooth decay is frequent contact with foods containing carbohydrates (starches and sugars). Soda, candy, ice cream, milk, cakes, and even fruits, vegetables, and juices can all contribute to the problem. Then plaque begins to form due to the natural bacteria living in your mouth. It interacts with deposits left on your teeth from these sugary and starchy foods to produce acids. These acids damage tooth enamel over time by dissolving the mineral structure of teeth, resulting [...]

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Dental Sealants to Block Out Decay!

Dental Sealants in Sacramento, CA A simple, preventative procedure that can save you the trouble of future cavities. It's the dreaded news that nobody wants to hear—you have a cavity that needs fixing. Instead of waiting for the damage to occur, take matters into your own hands! Dental sealants are a simple, preventative procedure that can save you the trouble and expense of future cavities (either for yourself or your children). A dental sealant is nothing more than a thin plastic resin that we apply to the chewing surfaces of your teeth (usually only on molars and premolars). These are the areas that are most prone to developing cavities since the deep grooves tend to trap food particles. Once the [...]

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