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No More Metal Mouth

You don't have to be a dentist to know that metal is NOT a normal component of teeth. Used to be, gold or silver amalgam was necessary to restore structural integrity to damaged teeth (especially molars) that would be subjected to the great stress caused by chewing. Today, there are new materials that stand up to the stress, but without the metal! They simply didn't exist just a generation ago. For example, modern porcelain onlays and inlays can replace metal fillings even on back teeth, while leaving them looking as good as—or possibly better than—the originals. Because these replacement fillings are constructed to be so superior, you no longer need to settle for "metal mouth." And in terms of your [...]

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Tooth Colored Fillings: Now You See ’em…

Can Tooth-Colored Fillings Improve My Smile? Are you looking for tooth-colored fillings? For those of you who feel silver or gold fillings are cosmetically appealing, you need not read any further. However, if you prefer fillings that look like natural teeth, then we have good news for you. Due to advances in dental technology, we can place tooth-colored fillings in almost every tooth in the mouth. These synthetic porcelain-type fillings can be a real pleasant surprise, proving to be very strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. First, we remove decay from a tooth or round off the fractured edge. Then, we place the filling in a process that's somewhat different from the traditional packing of silver into the tooth defect. [...]

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Composite Fillings FAQs

Composite Fillings in Sacramento If you have cavities, we can use white composite fillings to repair your teeth in a way that also keeps them looking great! For tooth-colored-fillings in Sacramento, call us today at (916) 565-2570. What are composite fillings? Composite fillings are fillings that achieve a natural appearance with a mixture of plastic resin and ultra-fine glass particles (silicon dioxide). Today's composite fillings are strong enough to be placed on either front or back teeth, and are not only for restoring tooth decay, but for cosmetic improvements as well. With cosmetic bonding, we can change the color of teeth or reshape disfigured teeth. How is a composite placed? The filling material is applied in layers, and then we [...]

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