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Baby Teeth and Teething

Being mammals, we sport two sets of teeth, the primaries and the permanent. Assuming Mom has already lent strength to her baby's teeth during pregnancy—beginning from week seven of prenatal life—teeth grow through two stages. In the first permutation, teeth take shape; in the second, the cells are actually transformed to perform different functions. All this is percolating as you enjoy pickles and ice cream. When your baby is born, you won't see teeth, but they're there. Enamel and dentin are still forming in the jaw and, in a matter of months, the teething process is well underway. The root, however, will take another few years to be firmly established. Make no mistake about the role of "baby" teeth—they are [...]

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Your Teeth and How to Keep Them

By studying the anatomy of a tooth and learning about the functions of the many structures, we can better understand the basics of maintaining good oral health and why it is so important to avoid cavities. Let's take a look at... The crown is the part of the tooth you see when you look in your mouth. The crowns of your back teeth have pointed cusps and depressions. When you chew, the cusps of the teeth in one jaw fit into the depressions of the teeth in the other jaw. The root portion of a tooth anchors the tooth in the jawbone. It is hidden by gums. The root makes up about two-thirds of the total length of the tooth. [...]

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