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About Nitrous Oxide

The search for a substance that would let a patient slip into merciful oblivion during surgery has been one of mankind's goals for centuries. In North America, we can thank a dentist, Horace Wells of Connecticut, for the development of nitrous oxide as a form of dental anesthesia. During the early 1840s, Dr. Wells was looking for ways to make his patients more comfortable during procedures. While watching a demonstration of a popular intoxicant, a drug called "laughing gas," Dr. Wells saw the possibility of helping his patients. The next day, he had one of his own teeth pulled while he inhaled this new mixture. The operation was a success, and Wells began using "laughing gas" in his practice. When [...]

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If You Have Dental Anxieties…

We Can Help Treat Dental Anxieties We recognize that when it comes to dental procedures, some of the most terrible things aren't going on inside your mouth—but from anxieties inside your head. Fear of the dentist's chair is both normal and understandable. You may be among the 150 million Americans who avoid the dentist altogether. But, truly, it doesn't have to be that way. So many dental anxieties are based on false information. Well-meaning friends pass along unsettling stories about procedures—from ages ago! When it comes to truly pain-free dentistry, we've made greater strides in just the past few decades than in the entire history of dentistry! Our team is committed to combating the dental fears that come to so [...]

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