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Treating Halitosis

Whether you call it dragon breath, morning breath, or halitosis, persistent bad breath is not only socially embarrassing, it can also be a sign of poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, digestive problems, and even sinus trouble. And all the mouthwashes and breath fresheners in the world won't solve the problem. A simple visit to our office is the real answer to finding the source and extent of the offensive odor and treating the cause. We now offer a wide range of diagnostic and preventive services to meet everyone's needs. A Personal Approach– Our team of specially trained staff will treat your individual needs with understanding and concern in a comfortable, caring environment. Initial Analysis– This is the first step of [...]

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The Routine Smile Exam

A Smile Exam Is Good For More Than Just Teeth We may uncover symptoms of other problems or illnesses. When you visit Redford Smiles for a routine smile exam, our team does a lot more than just probe for cavities. In addition to preventative care such as teeth cleanings and dental X-rays, we're giving you the next best thing to a complete physical examination. If it's been a while since you've seen your family physician, seeing a dentist could provide an early warning to other health conditions or illnesses. How's that possible? Your mouth is a unique meeting place of teeth, skin, muscle, fluids, and germs. A smile exam gives us the chance to look inside your body without using [...]

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Guard Against Gum Disease

More than half of adult Americans have gum disease. Poor nutrition causes much of it, with neglect contributing a share. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, with doctors suggesting that bacteria from gums moves into the bloodstream and then to the heart, in turn, causing increased rate of heart attack and stroke. The saliva of people with gum disease also doesn't have the antioxidant effectiveness of healthy people, inhibiting the body's ability to ward off inflammation. Other possible risks from the condition may include rheumatoid arthritis, low-birth-weight and premature births, and respiratory infections. Seniors with sore gums have a higher rate of chronic illness. You can prevent gum disease by brushing properly with a soft-bristle brush and flossing [...]

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