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Crown Considerations

When You'll Need a Crown For whatever reason, your tooth needs reinforcement and restoration. Perhaps it's an unsightly color. Maybe you cracked it on a popcorn kernel—or it's been weakened by several fillings. Maybe you've had root canal therapy. You're probably going to need a replacement crown on that tooth. If two or more teeth are compromised, or there's a gap where a tooth is missing, you'll need the crown's cousin—the bridge. Do I have choices? Definitely. There are four categories of crowns, or caps, as defined by their composition: the all-gold crown, the porcelain covering the gold crown, the porcelain covering the non-precious metal crown, and the all-porcelain crown. Up-Sides and Down-Sides All-gold: UP: Outstanding from a dental health [...]

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Crowns: Dental Workhorses

Most dentists will agree that crown restorations are at the heart of general dentistry. We've all studied crowns in dental school, and some of us have done our best work replacing missing teeth and saving the rest. Research has given us the wherewithal to achieve virtually ideal restorations. They are natural-looking, comfortable and stable in the moist environment of the mouth. We're better equipped than ever to build strong, long-lasting and cosmetically superior crowns. What is a crown? A crown (or cap) is a restoration placed over a broken tooth that cannot sustain a conventional filling. By covering the biting surfaces and sides of the tooth, a crown strengthens the damaged tooth by binding together the remaining structures. There are [...]

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