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CEREC® Crowns and Restorations

As Natural Looking as Living Teeth! All-porcelain crowns and restorations in a single appointment! Now in just one appointment, you can have a metal-free restoration as natural-looking and strong as an original tooth. CEREC is a computer-controlled system that creates a tooth replacement from a single block of white, biocompatible, plaque-resistant ceramic. The effect on your smile must be seen to be believed! Not only is the restoration far more natural than old-fashioned metal fillings, but it can also be performed in a single appointment—in just over an hour. CEREC eliminates the need for an impression and we no longer have to have a laboratory fabricate your crown. A special computerized camera takes an image of the tooth (actually, a [...]

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Tooth Colored Fillings: Now You See ’em…

Can Tooth-Colored Fillings Improve My Smile? Are you looking for tooth-colored fillings? For those of you who feel silver or gold fillings are cosmetically appealing, you need not read any further. However, if you prefer fillings that look like natural teeth, then we have good news for you. Due to advances in dental technology, we can place tooth-colored fillings in almost every tooth in the mouth. These synthetic porcelain-type fillings can be a real pleasant surprise, proving to be very strong as well as aesthetically pleasing. First, we remove decay from a tooth or round off the fractured edge. Then, we place the filling in a process that's somewhat different from the traditional packing of silver into the tooth defect. [...]

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