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Tongue Piercing

A Bit on Body Art In every big city—and down on a lot of farms—"body art" is all the rage. While we begged our parents for discreet earrings, our children are piercing various body parts in surprising places. Lips, tongue, cheeks, even the uvula (the dangling thingie in the back of the throat) are fair game in and around the mouth. Aesthetics aside, how dangerous is piercing, really? First, the downside Piercing usually happens at a salon or, more often, a tattoo parlor. Though some states regulate such businesses, few piercers are licensed, most self-taught. The tongue, in particular, has veins that mustn't be disturbed. We hope your piercer knows where they are. Sterilization standards must be in place or [...]

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MMMMMM! It’s Mouth-Watering

You stand to speak to a crowd of thousands–and your mouth is desert-dry. That's normal. But under less stressful circumstances, a dry mouth is not normal. In fact, it's a cause for concern. Saliva has a critical role in the health of your mouth and your body. It flushes out the plaque that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease and acts as a buffer against overly acid mouth. Dry mouth, then, can lead to cavities—and to any of those sometimes serious disorders lately linked to periodontal disease. It can cause halitosis and make the tissue of your mouth vulnerable to infection. It can even create difficulties in speaking and eating. While dry mouth occurs most often in the elderly, it's [...]

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Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

News to Make a Mouth Water… A thick, juicy prime rib of beef surrounded by a baked potato—all the trimmings—asparagus with drawn butter, fresh apple cobbler a la mode. Got your mouth watering? Good. Your salivary glands have been stimulated. And saliva's a whole lot more important to you than helping you enjoy that special meal. A Few Other Things You Might Find Good to Know About Saliva... It has a critical role in the health of your mouth—and your body. It's a natural mouth rinse, flushing out the plaque that causes decay and periodontal disease. It acts as a buffer against overly acid mouth. Lack of saliva is a serious problem—and not an uncommon one. We call it xerostomia. [...]

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Waiting to Exhale

It's not the best way to deal with bad breath... Do you have bad breath, aka halitosis? If so, what are you doing about it, besides turning your face away from anyone who comes near? Finding the cure means first finding the cause. In many cases, food particles and bacterial plaque accumulate toward the back of your tongue and go bad there. But you might also be suffering inflamed gums, infection, saliva deficiency, stomach upset, even anxiety. Dieting can bring it on, as can smoking, diseases like diabetes or chronic bronchitis, and poor dental hygiene. Certain medications can cause it. Keeping your mouth healthy is the surest way to keep it kissing sweet. But while the social aspect of halitosis [...]

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