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Tired? Do You Sleep Soundly?

Live your dream of a good night's sleep Good sleepers have a routine that doesn't change, even on weekends: lights out at the same time, alarm buzzing at the same time. They don't use caffeine late in the day or rely on alcohol or sleeping pills at bedtime. They exercise daily and start relaxing two hours before bedtime. About half of all people over the age of 65 report that they used to experience a well night's rest, but now they do not. It could be lack of exercise, less exposure to natural light, changes in diet or in the body's production of sleep-regulating chemicals, or plain old pain. For women, add menopause. The buzz on snoring and sleep apnea [...]

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How Are You Sleeping?

We have informational brochures in our office concerning snoring and sleep apnea. If you suffer from these problems or are losing sleep because of someone who does, answering these simple questions may help you identify your symptoms. A Sleep Quiz I have been told that I snore. I have been told that I snore loudly, every night, and in all sleep positions. I have been jolted awake gasping for breath during the night. I fall asleep at inappropriate times like when driving a car or at work. After a full night's sleep, I wake up feeling tired. I have trouble concentrating. I have become unusually forgetful. I am told or I feel uncharacteristically irritable, anxious, or depressed. I frequently wake [...]

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous disorder with fairly benign symptoms—loud snoring at night, and morning headaches or daytime bouts of sleepiness. The cause? Intermittent periods throughout sleep when an individual actually stops breathing. Breathing cessation, or apnea, lasts from seconds to nearly a minute. When breathing resumes—the brain senses lack of oxygen and wakes you up—snoring is loud, sometimes explosive. In the morning, the build-up of carbon dioxide in the blood causes headaches. And the lack of deep, relaxing sleep has you drowsy, and usually grouchy, during the day. During sleep apnea, the upper air passages in the mouth and throat obstruct (no one is sure why). One form of treatment is wearing an acrylic appliance during sleep to [...]

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Is Snoring an Issue at Your House?

Snoring Mouthguards in Sacramento, California To treat obstructive sleep apnea. Is snoring an issue at your house? Do the walls vibrate at night? Does your dog or cat sleep with his paws over his ears? If so, you may find some snoring relief by contacting our office. Some men and women can reduce or eliminate snoring by merely wearing an oral appliance at night. The mouthguard enlarges the airway by positioning the lower jaw slightly forward. Much like a preventative mouthguard to stop nighttime grinding (bruxism), a snore guard fits snugly onto the teeth of each arch, with the teeth slightly apart. The procedure to make the appliance is easy and painless. The fee is about the same as a [...]

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