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Give Your Teeth a Fighting Chance

Against Acidity If you eat a lot of citrus fruits, drink carbonated soft drinks, suffer the eating disorder of bulimia, or experience the decline of saliva that often accompanies advancing age, you may be at risk of tooth erosion. What can cause your teeth to erode so badly you wind up having to see a dentist: Nightly tooth grinding? Too many soft drinks? Aggressive brushing? Dry mouth? The scraping of a hygienist's probe at a routine tooth cleaning? Well, you can rule out the last one. But as for the rest, they can work, and do work together, to gradually wear away at your tooth's enamel until something must be done. A big part of reducing tooth erosion is keeping [...]

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Bulimia, the “Private Problem”

Bulimia Symptoms & Resources If you recognize symptoms of bulimia in yourself or someone in your family, you share a problem with over 500,000 other people. Do You: Worry about how much you eat—all the time? Start a new diet almost every day? Perceive everyone else as thinner than you are? Make time in the day to eat in solitude—ice cream, doughnuts, pies, cakes, soft drinks—then vomit or take laxatives? Eating disorders have become so common in this weight-obsessed nation that we've been forced to face the facts. Too many young people—and some not so young—are caught up in a cycle of binge eating, then purging, to physically attain some wacky cultural ideal. "Thin is in." "You can never be [...]

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