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The War on Germs: Are We Winning? Should we be?

Homicide: bad word. It means killing another human being. Germicide? For many, good word. It promises to kill what are hated and feared most in this super-sanitary era: germs. Germ is sort of a catchall that refers to any microorganism we can't actually see. That's sort of like referring to every non-human living thing as an animal: elephants, mosquitoes, salmon, vultures. Fact is, there are only a few bad actors in the world of microorganisms, and we pretty much know who they are. Take streptococcus mutans. It's a bacteria linked with tooth decay. But wait! That's only one strain of bacteria that live in the mouth, many of which are helpful. Saliva alone contains roughly a trillion bacteria. Humans couldn't [...]

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Fever Blisters, Cold Sores, Canker Sores

Some are caused by a virus, some hurt, and all are unpleasant socially. What exactly is that nasty thing on my mouth? And how do I get rid of it before Friday night? Cold Sores Cold sores and fever blisters are one and the same—small skin blisters on the mouth caused by Herpes simplex virus. When the virus acts up, the lips may become tender and blisters follow. Within a few days, blisters drain and dry, and the virus retreats to the nerve. Treatments of choice: Acyclovir for serious outbreaks, zinc gluconate, even Blistex. Canker Sores Canker sores are probably caused by a reaction to certain bacteria. Unlike cold sores, they occur inside the mouth and heal without medication in [...]

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