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Dentistry and the Older Adult

With people living longer, we, as dentists, recognize that the dental profession must shoulder a new responsibility for enduring dental care. We all hope we'll live to a ripe old age. At the same time, we want to enjoy the rest of our years and live a quality life. As people age, they become more prone to certain chronic conditions. Old adults may encounter root decay, erosion of the root surfaces, fracturing of fillings and brittle teeth, or gum infection. People with dentures or partials may find that their bony ridges will continue to recede. What can be done? Root decay and gum disease—Continue to use fluoride toothpaste with tartar and plaque control. There are some newer toothpastes and rinses [...]

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Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

News to Make a Mouth Water… A thick, juicy prime rib of beef surrounded by a baked potato—all the trimmings—asparagus with drawn butter, fresh apple cobbler a la mode. Got your mouth watering? Good. Your salivary glands have been stimulated. And saliva's a whole lot more important to you than helping you enjoy that special meal. A Few Other Things You Might Find Good to Know About Saliva... It has a critical role in the health of your mouth—and your body. It's a natural mouth rinse, flushing out the plaque that causes decay and periodontal disease. It acts as a buffer against overly acid mouth. Lack of saliva is a serious problem—and not an uncommon one. We call it xerostomia. [...]

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Fast Facts About Dry Mouth

Here are some facts about dry mouth, which can be a frustrating condition... We call it xerostomia—and it can be a serious problem. It tends to happen as we age—but it doesn't have to. Besides being uncomfortable, it makes teeth more cavity-prone. It can be the side effect of some medications or radiation therapy for cancer. Fight dry mouth by drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily. Also, try sugarless gum or lozenges—mouth-wetting agents. There are prescriptions product to combat dry mouth. So feel free to talk to us—we can help!

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